I love it when you wrap the stamps in your practice drawing paper! I hang them on my wall in my stamping room.

Remy in AK, October 2014

"I received my stamps this past week and I wanted to thank you. They are even more beautiful than I anticipated. I do quite a bit of ordering off the internet and I just wanted to say I was impressed with the package. I actually kept the box you sent the stamps in because I loved the stamps you used on it. Everything from the presentation of a simple box sent in the the mail to the logo of your stamp you put on my receipt. Thank you for taking the time to do the little things you did for presentation. I love your stamps and there are more on my list to get. Your stamps are different, fresh and beautifully done. I search the web looking for something just a bit off beat and different and quite honestly you are the first person I have come across that I consider to be in such a class."

Sandra in TX, July 2014

"My stamps arrived yesterday. Although it is not the first time I have placed an order with you, I cannot help but send you another note to say how lovely they are. The images "speak to me" and the quality of the stamp itself is outstanding. I particularly love having your personalized signature on each of them it makes them very special."

Lisa in IL, July 2014

"I received my order of the Mystical Compass ..... Just wanted to say I love the compass stamp. It is so beautiful, so well made, every detail appreciated in both the making of your stamps and in the packaging (especially the use of old sketches for packing paper!).....I think I had forgotten what it was like to hold a well made rubber stamp, in this day of acrylic blocks, clear cling-on stamps. I really prefer red rubber and nice wood. This compass is just beautiful, and I will use it proudly!"

Pat in KY, December 2013

"Your work is well appreciated here in Augusta....your artwork is peerless and your deep etched wood mounts are superb....and therefore highly collectable. It is commendable that you choose to make the stamps on site rather than overseas....we're sad to see the lesser quality imports...especially the cheap plastic/cling types that are being popularized..."

Dave in GA, February 2013

"Just got my stamps and they are extraordinary! Very detailed. Can't wait to use them. I also got a very unique bonus. My stamps were wrapped in a lovely sketch of a female nude. Two different angles. Just wanted to see if you meant to send that. It looked like a prototype for a stamp you might be working on. If you need it back let me know and I will return it. If not I will find a place for it here in my workroom. Your style is very smooth and your proportions seem dead on! You are obviously a very talented and imaginative artist. I look forward to finding more treasures on your website in the future."

Charlotte in VA, October 2012

"I just received my 3 new mermaid stamps Thursday and stamped all morning with them. I absolutely love them. I probably own 100 mermaid stamps. I am crazy about mermaids. But these are the most beautiful ones I own now. The art deco one is stunning. And they are all so detailed that I feel they do not need to be "colored" in. Thanks for the beautiful artwork and I hope you make some more. These are very sexy mermaids"

Cheryl in GA, May 2012

"Just wanted to let you know that the stamps i ordered arrived on time and in perfect condition! i never expected to get them so soon. your service is excellent and i love the stamps!"

Deb in PA, December 2010

"My stamps have arrived - they are fantastic. I am very impressed by your attention to detail and the amount of crafting that goes into them.... I've had a few attempts to create some woodblocks myself so I can certainly appreciate how much expertise goes into creating at your level."

Kim in Australia, November 2010

"I am just enthralled by the beautiful, high-quality gorgeous Ex Libris stamp. Friends ask me about it every time they see it, either in one of my books or if they see the stamp itself. And I tell them not just about your beautiful handmade stamps, but also the way mine arrived, wrapped in charcoal drawings from your sketchpad. Opening that package was the closest feeling to childhood Christmas I've had in a long, long time. I want to buy some more stamps soon so I can be treated to the same delicious feeling."

Brook in San Francisco, October 2010

"Thank you for putting my order of skeleton rubber stamps together so quickly. They are to die for (pardon the pun!) I absolutely love their dark and quirky character. Also love how you wrapped the stamps in the nude sketches - that's a gift in itself."

Sylvia in Spokane, November 2009

"I received my bee and ladybird rubber stamps yesterday and I had to write to you and thank-you for them, as they are so beautifull! The whole package was like a work of art and beautifully crafted. "

Jodie in Wales, November 2009

"Thanks for the quick shipment - the stamp arrived yesterday! I am very impressed with the quality -- quite possibly the nicest of any of the stamps I own (and that's saying a LOT!). Thanks also for the imaginative wrapping...loved the drawing and all the other little extras! Keep up the good work, I'll be back again--"

Janice in Colorado, October 2009

"I really love your rubber stamps. We already have a huge collection of rubber stamps from other artists and yours definitely belong to the best ones (not only in terms of creativity, but also in terms of technological quality). We live at a lake and will use the mermaids for a beach party (to decorate invitation cards, sweets etc.)I also apreciate your professional communication, quick shipment and the fact that you added my country to the list after my first order. Thanks."

Katerina, Czech Republic, October 2009

"Thank you for the beautiful stamps in their beautiful packaging! You really do make an art form of it all! I was especially pleased with the reclining nude on one of the newsprint packaging pages!"

Annie S., WA, November 2007

"Just received my box of peg stamps and the skeletal mermaid. They are the best; they stamp well; and they are such a great detail for thematic stamping. I'm on my way to collecting the entire set (and am anticipating wonderful and eclectic additions to the collection)!"

Patti S., New Jersey, November 2007

"I love your style and the superior quality of the stamps I received.....You're definitely at the top of the list in my top 10 -- oh how I love right brained people."

Lori M., TX, April 2007

"I received your stamps yesterday- and I must say, I am absolutely thrilled!!!!! My kids were somewhat flustered, when I ordered - as they say - your 'nudie' stamps..........but I thought it was the greatest thing! Including the venetian blinds! What a great idea!"

Pia M., New Jersey, October 2006

"I received my stamps and I am soo pleased with the quality! These are fantastically mounted and are wonderfully etched. I loved the paper they were wrapped in and saved all of it :) I will most certainly order from you again."

Janet C., Seattle WA, July 2006

"Thank you for the quick shipment of the stamps I recently ordered. The stamps are beautifully detailed and create stunning images. Thank you also for the sketches on the paper in which the stamps were wrapped. I'm using one of the sketches in an altered book I'm creating that is based on images of women."

Susan L., Malvern PA, November 2005

"I was elated to come home today and find your beautiful stamps waiting for me in my mailbox. I want to thank you for the care that you took in packaging them. I have been admiring your stamps on-line for over a year now, but delayed ordering them....I now wish that I had ordered sooner. Your stamps are without a doubt the most finely crafted in my collection. Your love for your craft is apparent. I look forward to ordering more stamps from you. "

Lorien S., Canada, February 2005

"I want you to know that I am a real fan of your stamps. Your product quality is unmatched by any other company that I have found. Images produced with your stamps are always crisp and flawless. Then there are your wonderful designs....I have no interest in the cutesy stamps offered by so many suppliers...but I appreciate designs that are quirky, humorous, or just plain beautiful so you can understand why I enjoy your work so much. Keep them coming, please!"

Becky C., Greenfield MA, January 2005

"I received the stamp I ordered from you a week ago and I just had to tell you how impressed I was with the entire service of your company. The delivery was so quick and the stamp itself was absolutely beautiful and of a high quality. Thank you again for everything."

Samantha M., Perth, Australia, March 2005

"Just want to mention your artwork is exceptional! As you can see I love mermaids but I have never owned this many mer stamps because yours are real for me and beautifully executed. I grew up on the beach surfing and swimming so I have an afinnity with the sea and being in Sedona I need to bond with things wet and wonderful and mystical and magical. Which is what you do with excellence."

Brandy H., Sedona AZ , June 2005

"Your stamps are really little works of art in themselves -- from the image of course, to the red mat, to the polished wood. I have over a thousand stamps and I don't think there's anyone else out there who puts out such a beautiful product. You may think many people don't notice, but we do!"

Sheri V

"This was the first order I had placed at meer image and I just had to drop you a note to let you know that I am very impressed with your stamps. The rubber is so neatly trimmed and deeply etched. I know that these images will provide me with many hours of pleasant stamping. Keep up the good work!"

Dianne K.

"Raven Woman is even more beautiful than I could see on the website. I simply love Meer Image stamps."

Gisa M., Frankfurt Germany, June 2004

"I LOVE them, I am OVER THE MOON with the images, the shipping, the presentation, the service in general and just everything!"

Angela B., Australia, June 2003

"I've ordered rubber stamps from quite a few companies, and I have to say the quality of yours is far and away the best. Add to that the pro-fessional, secure packaging, and speedy turn-around time, and you've got yourself a loyal customer!"

Dacey H., Fort Plain NY, October 2003