Copyright & Angel Policy

Angel Policy

Personal Use - rubber stamps, stamped by hand

MEER IMAGE is what they call an Angel Company.  That means that as long as you buy the rubber stamp and then stamp it by hand on what you are making, I place no restrictions on the use.  It is considered polite to give credit when possible, especially if you are selling the finished pieces.  If you want to scan or photograph your finished artwork, and post it on the web, that's okay too.  Just don't scan the design and use it separately.

Commercial Use - reproduce the design separately from the rubber stamp

If you want to use one of my designs for business (examples: album covers, tattoo flash, logo, book illustration) we can negotiate an art license agreement.  The cost of the agreement will depend on the scope of use.

Tattoo Use

If you want to get one of my designs inked permanently onto your body - I am flattered!  Please send a photo of the tat when it's done.  If you are a tattoo artist and want to present my designs to your clients as flash, please see "Commercial Use" above.