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  • Fantasy

    when I was flying

    this monster tried to eat me

    it was just a dream

  • Insect

    roams around the earth

    a small kinetic sculpture

    the insect is art

  • Human

    the human figure

    all of it's glory to see

    naked to the wind

  • Plant

    grab a green ink pad

    fill the spaces in-between

    they might grow on you

  • Animal

    eats what it can find

    it knows when to move away

    wiser than human

  • Dead

    it's been said before

    the one certain thing in life

    is that it will end

  • Postoid

    dress up your letters

    your stamps are as good as theirs

    no more boring mail

  • Other

    it just doesn't fit

    I simply have way too many of these


  • Mermaid

    beautiful woman

    almost perfect for me but

    she does have a tail

  • Close-out

    when they're gone, they're gone

    these babies are priced to move

    no more will be made

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Showing 1 - 100 of 377 items
Showing 1 - 100 of 377 items