Regional Information

What's up with the lighthouse on the highway?    Where can I shop for groceries?    Can you recommend a good restaurant?    Coffee... I need coffee!    BEER!    Whatya gotta do to get a drink around here?    Is there a Nature Center nearby?    Can we rent boats and bikes?   

Lighthouse Plaza and Mini-Golf

In case you arrived from the south and didn't see it, there is a full sized lighthouse on the corner of Hwy 255 and Lupin. Newly completd in 2016, the mini-golf course is already a popular local attraction. They are open 11 to 6 seven days a week. There is also a small market, but the selection there is dissapointing, I'm afraid. Future plans include a laundromat.

Grocery Shopping

Dining Out & Take Away

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz and Breakfast


Happy Hour

Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

Home to Friends of the Dunes, this is a great place to start for hiking in the dunes and surrounding areas, and it's just down the road. Self guided nature trails, walks to the beach, natural history exhibits and helpful volunteers. Check the website for open hours.

Biking & Paddling

If you are a guest at Old Purple, before you rent, check with us as we do have a couple bikes and a few boats nearby at our home - if the timing is right we might even be able to take you out on Humboldt Bay for a paddle. That said, here is a partial list of local outdoor shops: