Guest Information

Rules? What rules? Is that a stray cat? Ack! Ants!!! Did you just feel an earthquake? Who's car is that? How do I check out? What's WIFI password? Is this place solar powered? How do you work these crazy window shades? Can I draw in your guest book? Can we get one more pillow? Can we see your art studio? Is that painting for sale? What do I do with this icky stuff? Coffee... I need coffee...

Checking In

If you parked you car by the Guest Parking sign and are now reading this, you are pretty much checked in. We only ask that you read the house rules (just below) and follow the check-out procedure at the end of your stay. Keep scrolling down for additional information and tips about this place. And remember, you can always call or text us with any questions!

House Rules

QUIET TIME is from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Please make no noise during this time, as I will be working in the art studio, and the walls are not the least bit soundproof. I will do the same on my side of the wall for you. At night and on weekends quiet time does not apply.

NO SMOKING of anything anywhere on the property.

Always LOCK the doors and TURN OFF all lights and appliances whenever you leave the property.

In the KITCHEN please wash all dishes and appliances that you use, but feel free to leave them out to dry, as we are happy to put them away so we know where to find them. Leftover food should be taken with you or discarded, except by prior verbal agreement. Clean up any spills right away so the ants don't come marching in.

Check-out Proceedure

  1. Double check for all of your belongings.
  2. Take garbage and recycling outside to the bins by the fence.
  3. Leave any wet towels hanging.
  4. Lock both windows and both doors.
  5. If you don't mind, send us a quick text to let us know you are out so we can come and pick up the laundry.

TSUNAMI - what to do:

If a large earthquake occurs nearby, a tsunami could hit Manila within ten minutes. DO NOT DRIVE anywhere! Walk quickly to the highway, cross the highway carefully, continue walking toward the ocean and climb up a high dune. This is the practiced scientific evacuation plan. I have done it myself, in under ten minutes.

Best route from here: walk North (right) on Victor and follow it to the highway. At this point it becomes Lupin, cross the highway by the Lighthouse and be sure to look out for crazy, panicking drivers! Continue straight on Lupin to the end, then go through the gate and up the steep hill (dune). At the top is the tsunami siren, and others will be gathering there.

The reason you don't want to get into your car, besides the crazy panicked drivers that will be around, is that crossing from here to Arcata requires going over a bridge, and then over the bottoms (very low lands). You won't make it. Going the other way toward Eureka is even worse, there are three bridges, and the spaces between them are barely above sea level at normal times.


  • Tsunami sirens will sound. We do not have noon sirens, fire sirens or anything like that here in Manila.
  • Airplanes will fly overhead and yell at you.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts on your cell phone here:
  • I will call or text you if I'm in town.
  • Lastly, if all else fails, and you feel an earthquake - if the quake lasts a whole minute, you should evacuate.

Practical Info

WIFI is Old Purple Thumb Works and the password is artstudio.

HOT WATER takes a minute or two but there is plenty!

COFFEE and filters and tea are in cupboards, there is also a coffee maker below, and a hot pot on the counter.

HEAT comes from the radiant floor heating system, it's nice but slow to react, so our practice is to keep it adjusted kinda warm, and if you get too warm, you can open some windows.

WINDOW SHADES: the left string makes the shade go down from the top, and the right string makes the shade go up from the bottom (except the one on the front door, you just pull that with your hands).

EXTRA PILLOWS are in the cabinet next to the bed.

If you need extra towels or if anyting else is missing, please call or text!

FLASHLIGHTS are in kitchen drawer.

My car (green Subaru Outback) often stays here even when I go home.

RECYCLE in the BLUE bin out by the front fence. Please no takeout food containers.

COMPOST bucket is just outside of kitchen door. Any kitchen waste is acceptable, including coffee filters, tea bags and egg cartons.

GARBAGE: there are two cans inside, one kitchen and one bath, please empty them into the gray bin by the front fence.

Please sign or draw in our guest book if you like!

ART STUDIO tour is available on request. If you haven't done so already and you'd like to see what goes on behind the big barn door, send me a text or call me to arrange a visit - the studio is my biggest ongoing art project and I love to show it off. In addition to Meer Image rubber stamps, I also make animated short films, pyrography, figure drawing and much more. Here is a link to my website.

Much of the art you see on the walls is for sale. Some of it is by Steven, and some of it is by other local artists. Please see the Artwork page for details.

SOLAR POWER does indeed run this place, you can read about it on the home page.



This is our neighborhood cat, she doesn't live at Old Purple, at least not officially. Her real name is "Kitty" and she belongs to Gilbert Castro who lives and works directly across the street. Two little dogs live there too, and one of them has it in for Peg, so she tends to spend a lot of time here at the studio, you will probably see her soon if you haven't already. Feel free to let her in and hang out, but please keep her off the sofa bed, and please do not feed her - and make sure she's out when you go out.


Manila is one giant ant colony! There are probably more ants in Manila than people on earth, and from time to time they will come inside - usually when they find something they like (they like everything). DON'T PANIC! Call or text me, and if available I will come right over and in 15 or 20 minutes you won't see any more ants. I've been dealing with them for many years, and I know some good tricks.


Now don't worry, major ant invasions are very rare! That's because I've been plugging up their holes for years, but there is always a small chance they'll find a new one.

If I'm not available, the first thing you should do is locate their entry point. Plug that up with tape, or a wet paper towel, or whatever you can come up with, then go find out what they were interested in and get rid of that (usually it's some spilled food, or a dead bug, or sometimes water from the sink). Lastly you can sweep or wipe up all the visible ants with a sponge or rag.

If you do it yourself, I would still like to be informed so I can implement a more permanent solution and keep an eye out for a re-invasion.