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This blog is no longer updated. After ten years I first moved to Tumblr (also no longer updated), and then to Instagram which I am currently using.

Block Print - Step by Step
Monday, February 5, 2007
This is going to be a brand new block print (I'm calling them "block prints" as opposed to "eraser carvings" now). First step is to create an image; mine will be based on the large figure (right) which I drew from life a couple weeks ago. The smaller image on the left is exactly the same size as my carving block, and I've added a border, a tree and some very light scribbley lines in the background which I will follow with the carving tools. The tools shown here are three sizes of mechanical pencil, loaded with soft (B) lead, a regular soft-lead pencil, an eraser and a broom for the eraser dust (less smudging that way).