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This blog is no longer updated. After ten years I first moved to Tumblr (also no longer updated), and then to Instagram which I am currently using.

Gone Tumbling
Monday, December 31, 2012
Tumblr is a photo-centric blogging platform and social networking sight; I believe my blog will find a much wider audience there. You can still peruse ten years worth of blog posts here in the archives, but all new posts will be on .
On Tumblr...
  • you can follow me
  • you can follow other bloggers on Tumblr
  • the photos are larger
  • you can "like" by clicking the little heart - then it turns red - this is a great way to show some appreciation without having to use your words!
  • you can easily go back and re-visit your favorite posts (the "liked" ones)
  • you can leave comments -- on Tumblr they're called "replies"
  • you can ask questions
  • You don't have to type your name and email every time you comment
  • You don't have to validate each comment
  • it's easier for me to post, so I post more often
  • I can post via mobile, too, when I'm on the road